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    Technical Area
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    Xian Huaxin New Energy CO.,LTD
    Address:15/F,Tower E,Shi Ji Xing Building, No.88 Nan’er Huan Road,Yan Ta District,Xi'an
    Tel:029-87651262 87651878 88862603 88862609
    Technical Force

    Professional Technical Team  

    ·We have over 50 professors in our team

    ·We have the most authority senior consultants in our team

    ·We have over 15 professional program managers in our team

    ·We have over 300 power plant operators in our team



    · We are in the major of the whole process of the waste heat services, which includes waste heat calibration, energy audits, the engineering design, power plant construction, power plant commissioning, and power plant operation.
    ·We have a complete R&D system which includes technology development, technology performing, technical feedback.
    ·A number of the high-technology patented in the industry.



    ·We are on the top of the power generation industry. We have the most experience in the whole process of waste heat generation program, such as ferro-alloys industry, steel industry, cement industry and coke industry.
    ·We own the biggest waste heat power plant in the silicon alloy industry.
    ·We are the earliest one who sets up the waste heat power plant in the nickel-iron industry.


      Multi mode of cooperation  

    ·We offer the most suitable service for our customers.
    ·Otherwise, we also offer the most popular business module such as EPC, EMC and so on.
    ·Meanwhile, based on the variable requirements from customers, we are willing to try our best to satisfy everyone.

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